Aligners, and whiteners, and retainers, oh my.


StarAligners™ offers the best products for mild to moderate aligner cases.

High-quality products developed by certified orthodontic professionals. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.

Aligner Kits

Our aligner kit has everything you need for mild to moderate aligner cases.


  • Aligners that are more clear, more comfortable, and stain less.
  • Customized 3D aligner treatment for every patient.
  • Average treatment duration is just 3-6 months.
  • Each kit comes with accessories like a case, chews, and whitening foam.


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Whitening Foam

Our whitening foam helps brighten teeth and clean StarAligners™ clear aligners.


  • Enhance teeth whitening
  • Used for cleaning your StarAligners™ clear aligners


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Whitening Foam with Illumina Light

IllumaStar™ Oral Therapy System

Shine on with light therapy! In just 10 minutes a day, IllumaStar™ can help you get healthier gums and a brighter smile.


  • Enhances gum health
  • Reduces oral pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Whitening accelerant


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StarAligners Essix Retainers

Star Essix Retainers

Keep your smile perfect with Essix retainers from StarAligners™


  • Essix retainers are 1 millimeter thick, to keep your smile aligned
  • Made from comfortable, durable polymer
  • Wear them all the time right after treatment ends, then ease up use
  • Keep your perfect smile, well, perfect!


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