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StarAligners Whitening Foam

StarAligners™ Whitening Foam & Aligner Cleaner

Our whitening foam helps brighten teeth and clean your StarAligners™ clear aligners. Two in one! Yay!

This ought to brighten your day, and your smile and keep your aligners clean. You can repeat your whitening up to 5 times per day for maximum benefit. If your teeth start feeling sensitive, slow your roll a bit, and back off to fewer times per day. Then, work your way back up.
  • Enhance teeth whitening
  • Used for cleaning your StarAligners™ aligners
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Shine bright like a smile
StarAligners Whitening Foam
Women Smiling with White Teeth

All the details you need to know.

What a great idea, whitening your teeth while your teeth are getting straightened. Look at that, you’re multitasking!

Dual purpose, our Whitening Foam packs a double punch of clean & bright.

“No thanks, I don’t want a whiter smile,” said no one ever. Well good news for StarAligners™ patients, because we’ve got that covered too. Our Whitening Foam is specially formulated as both aligner cleaner and smile brightener so that patients save time. Everyone wants a brighter smile, and with StarAligners™, that’s part of the easy and stress-free way we do things around here.

Before and After Upper Before + After Lower

Keep your aligners clean and clear while whitening your smile.

  • Make sure your aligners are clean and dry.
  • Evenly spread a full pump of foam into each aligner.
  • Place them into your mouth, and wipe away any excess foam.


Cleaning your aligners:

  • Place the aligners in a clean bowl or your tray case.
  • Cover both aligners with the Aligner Cleaner foam (especially on the inside) and let them sit for 10 minutes.
  • After the aligners have soaked, place them back in your mouth or rinse clean for storage — but not for too long, as we want your teeth to straighten up!


Happy patients, happy orthodontists

“I’d always been self-conscious about my smile but could never afford braces. Now I smile all the time. It’s funny, my kids are doing the same program I just completed. We’re a StarAligners™ household now.”


“My aligners are comfortable and were only slightly sensitive at the very beginning. The process was easy to get started and I was able to see progress just 2 months after starting my plan. Big fan.”


“I was told just after 6 months that I was progressing faster than expected, which had me even more committed to my treatment plan. #goals #winning”


“Being able to integrate mild aligner cases into our everyday practice has opened up a whole new group of customers for us. We’re able to treat teenagers and their parents who are looking for a smile tune-up.”


“Being able to customize a plan for our patients, based on actually seeing the condition of their smile in-person, is everything.”


“I have been extremely happy with the clarity, fit and feel of StarAlignersPro™. My team likes the improved aesthetics for patients as well.”


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