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StarAligners™ is the best solution to correct your patients’ mild to moderate alignment cases, creating a sustainable revenue stream for your practice.

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Pictured: StarAligners™ Providers Dr. Kelly Heetland and Dr. Shawna Heetland

Streamline your aligner offerings.

Offer the best solution for mild to moderate aligner cases — StarAligners™ is here.

No more in-house aligner headaches and stress.

Manufacturing aligners in-house is costly and cumbersome. Our streamlined process makes our solution cost-effective and scalable.

Increase revenue for your practice.

StarAligners™ offers an affordable solution for your mild to moderate aligner cases, increasing your aligner case starts.

We were founded by orthodontists for orthodontists.

StarAligners™ solves a missed opportunity for orthodontist practices: a solution for mild to moderate aligner cases. Our solution helps you reach new patients, improve their smiles, and grow your practice.

Provide a top-notch experience

Partnering with our experienced, qualified team of experts means you’re providing your patients with a seamless experience, from scan to final smile — all while we do the busy work behind the scenes. Align your practice with the best solution that delivers proven results every time, friction-free.

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Made in the USA

We’re proud to manufacture our aligners in the US. That means higher quality, faster lead times, and happier patients who are that much closer to the perfect smile.



Here to support you

  • Competitive pricing to keep your margins intact
  • Case management, support, and branded collateral are included in our portal.
  • Forget monthly check-ins. See your aligner patients in as few as 2–3 visits.


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StarAligners™ is the affordable solution you have been missing in your practice.

Now you can offer your patients looking for a tune-up an affordable solution to our major competitors. Why do in-house aligners? Now you have StarAligners™.

Word of mouth is a beautiful thing.

Connect to new patients who may not otherwise visit your office or, if they did, they’d be in search of a less costly option. Then keep them (and potentially attract their friends and family) in your practice as patients.

We’ll let the numbers do the talking

3,000+ tune-ups, and counting

3–6 mo. avg. length of treatment

30% avg. improved margin

How it Works

Initial patient scan

Upload your scans, intraoral photos, and prescription case to EasyRx with the online portal. Simple and easy. You’ll be able to review and approve your case within 72 hours of upload.

Aligner kit delivered to your practice for pickup

From EasyRx upload to case delivery to your practice in just 2 weeks. And, added bonus, your patients will be impressed with the high-quality StarAligners™ packaging.

Patient results average 3 to 6 months

With results that fast, think how many moms, dads, and patients who have had orthodontic treatment in the past, you can reach with a simple StarAligners™ tune-up.

Dr. Guelff Views a Patient's 3D smile

A proven system with results that integrates into your practice effortlessly.

It’s simple, once your patients start the StarAligners™ program, we oversee the process all the way through. That means you can focus on being the rock star orthodontist you are.

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What Orthodontists are saying about StarAligners™

“Being able to integrate mild aligner cases into our everyday practice has opened up a whole new group of customers for us. We’re able to treat teenagers and their parents who are looking for a smile tune-up.”

Dr. R. Redmond | Redmond Orthodontics

“I like the plastic in StarAligners™ aligners better than other brands, and it seems to help teeth track better than when using Invisalign.”

Dr. T. Dickerson

“Couldn’t be easier. Just scan, get the patient set up in the portal, and go. A few office visits, fewer lab costs, more ROI. StarAligners™ has really helped us with patient turnaround and getting more people in the door.”

Dr. P. Gupta

“StarAligners™ is filling a niche in my practice that I didn’t have a solution for before; it has allowed me to easily treat those mild to moderate cases that need more than just a retainer, with real results at an affordable price.”

Dr. M. Rosenthall

“Our practice has seen 50 percent growth in mild/moderate cases, which has added a few hundred thousand dollars to our bottom line. These are cases where we have been able to offer StarAligners instead of Invisalign, which have a higher price point so typically, the patient would decline treatment altogether or go to traditional braces, which would take longer to treat. Simply put, StarAligners™ is a great product that provides a shorter treatment time. My patients leave happy and smiling.”

Dr. S. Guelff

“My practice has grown by almost 40% in production this year as compared to 2020.  I believe more people are seeking orthodontic treatment now that they may have more cash, people are still working remotely and staring at themselves daily on virtual communication platforms and have more time to invest and commit to treatment, which has pushed them to consider self-improvement options such as StarAligners™.”

Dr. P. Panucci

“StarAligners™ is filling a niche between complex, full cases (Invisalign) and simple cases that require one or two teeth movements (in-office aligners). Our practice has had the goal of trying to lighten the caseload of our in-office lab, and StarAligners™ is successfully helping us achieve this endeavor.”

Drs. T. Rankin & L. Fiume

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StarAligners September 7, 2021